MMORPG tries to bribe players – Steam takes it off the list

MMORPG tries to bribe players - Steam takes it off the list

The mobile MMORPG Bless Global received a PC version on March 1st, 2023 and was released on Steam. But just a few days later it is no longer listed. What’s going on there?

Bless Global is one of many MMORPGs in the Bless series. There are always new games that fail miserably. The community therefore reacted with amusement to the release.

This time, the game made a major misstep in one of its reboots.

Developers want to bribe players, Steam reacts

In order to get positive reviews on Steam, the developers tried to bribe players. They wrote a message in the Discord and announced a competition: Anyone who rates the MMORPG on Steam positively and posts a screenshot will be entered into the lottery pot.

Prizes included BLEC, which stands for Bless Global Credit – the game’s cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged for real money. NFTs and in-game items as prizes should also serve to encourage players to give positive ratings.

In a tweet, someone publicly shared a screenshot of the Discord message:

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This is how Steam reacted: Rewarding players for reviews is prohibited on Steam. That’s why Steam took Bless Global off the list when the case became known. On Steam itself, the MMORPG no longer shows up when you search for it and isn’t found in any listings.

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But the game hasn’t completely disappeared from Steam. If you google it or have the direct link, you will still get to the Steam page and can start Bless Global from there. However, the reviews have all been deleted.

Here’s the trailer for Bless Global:

Bless Global – The Start!

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Play2Earn only in the mobile version

If you play the MMORPG on your cell phone, you can earn cryptocurrencies and thus real money. However, this is not allowed on Steam. Prohibited are “applications built on top of blockchain technology that issue or permit an exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” as set out in the Developer Guidelines stands.

Bless Global circumvents this policy by promoting cryptocurrencies but not offering them directly on the Steam version. Those who want to play with the currency will be redirected to the mobile version. There are then Play2Earn mechanics (via MMORPG).

What do you think of Bless Global’s bribery attempt? Have you ever played one of the Bless MMORPGs or are you actively involved? Do you think it’s right that the game still stays on Steam? What do you think of cryptocurrencies in MMORPGs in general? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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