Mods for Hogwarts Legacy: Companion spawning very popular

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from Michael Miskulin
In Hogwarts Legacy, the player is actually on his own. As a result, various mods that allow AI companions to spawn are very popular among players who use mods. We will briefly present the modifications to you.

Hogwarts Legacy has been able to captivate many players and let them experience the world of the popular Harry Potter universe up close. With the help of mods for the PC version of the game, new facets can also be added to the gameplay. We would therefore like to introduce you to two more mods that have what it takes to change the game with AI companions.

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Featuring mods to AI companions for Hogwarts Legacy

In the open world RPG Hogwarts Legacy

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For Hogwarts Legacy, we at PCGH have already presented a few helpful and practical mods. For example, a mod makes it possible to play as Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. If you just want to get more out of the game graphically, you can also take a look at the Ultra Plus Visuals Mod for Hogwarts Legacy. This means that settings beyond the ultra preset of the game are also possible without post-processing using reshade.