MoMoCa March 6th, 2023: Joker redemptions and short test flood – News

MoMoCa 2/27/23: Anticipation for PSVR2 and Ancient Japan (with Olphas) ​​- News


In this MoMoCa, the proven duo Gehritz/Langer enters the ring again, even if they don’t argue at all, but primarily talk about it: What did we play, what will we play?

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A little weakened by the cast, but still brave and ambitious as always, we start the first full week of March. Hagen and Jörg welcome you today.

Without much ado, here is our preview of the week and podcast episode:

  • 00:40 Welcome and straight to Jörg’s exterminator problem
  • 02:09 What did we play at the weekend? With Jörg it was above all Battletech
  • 09:38 … and at Hagen Fire Emblem Engage – did he successfully complete it?
  • 1:40 p.m. The Sunday question: What do you think of current cross-gen releases?
  • 15:40 For the preview of this Scramble week: Short test closed Scars Above from Hagen, Jörg plays from Joerg, Broken Universe (short test by Rüdiger), Project Zero – Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (short test by Hagen), The quarter hour: Souzerain (Joker by Claus, played by Jörg), video unveiling of our new Gaming PCs and the WoSchCa with Hagen and Jörg. And of course the current Letsplay episodes.
  • 21:22 We come to the user questions. antares asks: Will the two other PSVR2 short tests that have been announced still exist?
  • 22:00 golmo wants to know why various features have to be activated first when writing news?
  • 24:50 Maestro84 inquired: Can Jörg switch off from GamersGlobal on vacation?
  • 26:51 The question from thool: Plays Jörg the Tainted at Elden ring-DLC next?
  • 29:30 Henrik: Would it be possible to place the switch button differently from mobile to desktop?
  • 30:32: Vampire: Are you planning YouTube shorts because they’re being pushed a lot right now?
  • 33:45 We say goodbye.
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