New game like TFT is free on Steam, offers you cute animals instead of fierce heroes

New game like TFT is free on Steam, offers you cute animals instead of fierce heroes

Super Auto Pets is a free auto battler on Steam with 90% positive reviews. The game convinces above all with its cuteness. Because your team consists of cute animals instead of tough warriors.

Super Auto Pets brings you a colorful game for in between with cute animals. The game is an auto battler like Teamfight Tactics, where your team has to prove themselves in battles against other players.

The game is playable on the Steam Deck, but requires some extra effort to interact or configure.

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Join the battle of cuteness

What is the gameplay like in Super Auto Pets? You put together a team of different cute animals, each of which has special abilities. Equipped with your fighters, you compete against other players and their animals.

For deck building, you can either decide for yourself which animals you want to combine with each other or gamble with standard groups. The game automatically puts together available fighters for you so that you can start the fight straight away.

Otherwise there are the weekly groups, which are created every Monday and contain a random selection of animals.

There are two different modes available to you in the game:

Arena mode is an asynchronous multiplayer mode that doesn’t have a timer and you can take as much time as you like. Your goal is to win 10 times before you all lose your hearts.

In versus mode, you play 8 players in sync, pressed for time and wanting to be the last team standing to emerge from the battle.

Optionally, you can get backgrounds and hats to beautify your fighters. You can choose from a bucket hat, a saucepan or an astronaut helmet.

How do players rate Super Auto Pets? The game has very positive reviews on Steam. 90% of the 24,518 user votes are positive. The players praise Super Auto Pets as a nice little casual game for in between, which scores particularly well with its cute animals (as of March 6, 2023, via Steam):

  • Ser JJ1GGLEZ The Helpful: Fast and short (10-15 minutes per game) free game. Easy to learn, fun to master. Lots of replay value.
  • Galkin: It’s a pretty good game. There are animals and hats. And you can put the hats on the animals. Perfect.
  • Angry Lupus: The game is great. Anyone who loves Hearthstone Battlegrounds will love this, too. Add to that the incredibly cute look and cool mechanics that set the game apart from other auto battlers. Really totally addicting. I love that there is no time limit in arena mode and that the damage system is forgiving of a bad start. The level up mechanic is awesome […].

How much is Super Auto Pets? You can play Super Auto Pets completely free on Steam. However, there are in-game purchases in the game.

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