New MMORPG on Steam has been in development for 6 years – finally reveals gameplay details

New MMORPG on Steam has been in development for 6 years - finally reveals gameplay details

Bellatores is an upcoming MMORPG on Unreal Engine 5 set in the Middle Ages. After many months of silence, the developers are revealing new information.

The Korean studio Nyou started developing Bellatores back in 2017. They originally announced it in 2020, then still under the title “Project N1”.

The studio is known for mobile MMORPGs, but only releases Bellatores for PC – Even on Steam. It is developed on the Unreal Engine 5.

Realistic looking medieval battles

What kind of game is this? Bellatores is an MMORPG set in the Middle Ages with fantasy elements. You create a character and choose from different races, but don’t choose a class.

The MMORPG offers a combination of Survival, PvE and PvP, while trying to be as realistic as possible. “It allows players to live as if they really are in a medieval fantasy world,” the developers say in one Interview with WCCFTech.

In Bellatores there will be different factions that compete with each other – conflicts, wars and political activities are relevant. PvP in the open world is possible and will be a clear focus.

The developers rely on tab targeting for the combat system. Players should proceed strategically and make quick decisions.

In addition, the economy, which is managed by the players, plays an important role. You hunt, collect and craft in order to then trade with your fellow players.

It also offers this content:

  • Within the story you should be able to make decisions that affect the course of the game.
  • A dynamic game world that changes over time.
  • Dungeons and raids in the open world instead of closed instances. The open PvP allows players to attack each other during this time.
  • There should be mounts, but you can’t attack from their backs.
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In the video you can see a new way to dive deep into MMORPGs:

The “Deep Dive” should let us immerse ourselves in MMORPGs like never before – what is that actually?

More videos

Should have received a lot of money for the development

The developers allegedly received a lot of money for the implementation of the MMORPG, as shown on their site reveal. Bellatores already cost more than 44 million euros in 2020 through investors. In addition, Nyou has its own income from mobile games.

After Nyou announced the large sum, the studio fell silent for months. In April 2022 there was a report about further investments, since then nothing has been heard.

A small group of fans who would like to play Bellatores kept asking Discord if there was any new information. Very little was known about the gameplay in general – until now.

Bellatores could be a very promising title for fans of the Middle Ages and PvP.

When is the game out? Bellatores is scheduled for release in the second half of 2024. The developers have not yet considered whether the release will take place directly globally or only in the home country of Korea, as they reveal in the interview. Before that there will most likely be beta tests.

What do you think of Bellatores? Do you want to play it when the MMORPG comes out? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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