New Pokémon Legendary was under our noses the whole time and no one noticed

Did you spot Terapagos?

Did you spot Terapagos?

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson will be getting two new expansions later this year, bringing new Pokémon into the game. Among the new Pokemon are two Legendaries: Ogrepon and Terapagos.

While Ogrepon is only found in Pokémon Crimson, Pokémon Crimson players can catch Terapagos. But as fans have now discovered, Terapagos was already indirectly present in both editions.

Terapagos as a world turtle in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson

How did Terapagos appear? The ninth generation of Pokémon takes place in the Paldea region. It is a huge island that consists of different regions. On an official artwork we can see the island from above. And indeed, the island shape has similarities to the legendary Pokémon:

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Each region looks like the plates of the carapace, with the vertebra marking the center. A rock formation in the lower left corner of the image looks like the turtle’s head.

How could the theory actually be correct? Terapago’s name derives from terra, meaning earth. This could be a reference to the island that forms the Paldea region.

Also, the Pokémon’s design could be derived from the giant Guilty Toad Great A’Tuin. This is a creature from Indian mythology, according to whose world view a turtle swimming through space carries four elephants and the entire world on its back.

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The trailer shows what we can look forward to in the new expansions:

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson Trailer Reveals Zone Zero Treasure DLC


Pokémon Crimson and Crimson Trailer Reveals Zone Zero Treasure DLC

Fan theory is becoming more abstruse

Some of the fans joke that in the DLC we are against the entire Paldea continent would have to compete themselves. But with Pokémon Crimson & Crimson already having technical issues, it’s unlikely that we’ll have to face off against the entire Earthmass of Paldea.

The fan community also has mixed feelings about the new expansions due to the technical weaknesses. They hope the DLCs will perform better than the main game. Whether that will be the case remains to be seen.

What do you think of the Pokemon theory?