Nintendo Switch: This whimsical game is played with toilet paper

Nintendo Switch: This whimsical game is played with toilet paper

The comes as a portable console Nintendo Switch You can also use it on the quiet, but you shouldn’t use the sensitive electronics from Japan as toilet paper.

The absurd game shows why the practical wiping material can be used as a controller replacement for the handheld hybrid Give me toilet paper!, in which you stick a Joy-Con in a roll of toilet paper. Then all that’s missing is a piece of cardboard and the innovative obstacle course straight out of the bathroom shell is done.

Nintendo Switch: Probably the most bizarre type of control

Because in Give me toilet paper! you must complete the vital task of getting the missing paper from a desperate man in the restroom while dodging spikes and trapdoors. Because the simple premise shouldn’t make you use the toilet, something very special has been thought of to control the longed-for role.

Instead of bluntly moving the digital toilet paper from left to right and back with the directional pad or the joystick, you pick up a physical roll of white. So that it can also serve as a controller, you put one of the two Joy-Cons in the cardboard tube, fasten it with a little paper and take a piece of cardboard with the homemade controllers can roll back and forth.

In order to maneuver through the levels riddled with circular saws and other nasty traps and get the toilet paper to its destination, you tilt the cardboard to the left or right to control the digital reel. You can see what this looks like in action in the trailer embedded above.

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The bizarre pastime has been on the market for a few days Nintendo eShop fr only four euros available and should provide even more entertainment while doing business. But you should have enough toilet paper on hand so that you don’t end up like the man in Give me toilet paper! there it is. And just as essential as the white roles a cheap memory card that you can use to enjoy many more games on your Nintendo Switch.