Open the door in front of the headmaster’s office – this is how you find the admission key

Open the door in front of the headmaster's office - this is how you find the admission key

In Hogwarts legacy wait numerous mysteries waiting to be aired by you. One of them is waiting in front of the Entrance to the Headmaster’s office upon you in the form of a door locked with a strange lock. In this guide we will help you to get to the bottom of this mystery and finally solve it.

What are the requirements?

Important: As soon as you start your journey, the first thing you should do is cast the spell Alohomora at level 3, because this is the only way you can open doors that would otherwise prevent you from progressing. To upgrade this spell, you must have a certain number of Demiguise statues find. Where to find these moons we explain to you in this guide.

You must also be far enough in the Hogwarts Legacy storyline to enter the Headmaster’s office. For more details, we have summarized you here.

Open the door with a round lock, this is how it works

If you have met all the requirements, first travel to the Flea Flame location trophy room (Big Stairs). Now cross the large, circular trophy room, run through the gate and climb the stairs.

Continue through the winding corridor lined with wood. Also follow the next set of stairs up and you will reach the tower where the headmaster of Hogwarts has his office.

Now you have to climb the circular tower stairs. When you reach the top landing, go through the door, turn right and walk a few meters. Now you are in front of one Door with a big round lock before. Apparently a key is needed here, because you can’t open this lock with the Alohomora spell.

How can this door be opened? © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Find the key of approval

Now go back down the hall and run up the stone steps that lead straight into the Principal’s office to lead. You can find it on the left side of the room two locked doors, each of which requires you to have reached the third level of Alohomora. Open the second and you get to the outside of the tower. Take the outer stone staircase that winds up around the tower on the left.

At the top, another level 3 lock is waiting for you, but it won’t be an obstacle. Now go up the stairs again. If you have climbed this too, you will automatically receive the bronze trophy on the PlayStation Beautiful view. You have now reached the highest point of the castle.

Here you will find the key of the admission. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

On the corner of the desk to your right is the key of admission. You need this to open the door in front of the office. With this knowledge you go back the way.

When you get to the locked door, all you have to do is interact with it. Behind it there is a large chest and another stone staircase that leads you upstairs.

Finally the door is open! © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Pen of Admission & Book of Admission

At the top of the stairs you will find a circular room with two chests and the Revelio manual page Pen of Admission and Book of Admission. Behind it is a large desk with a book on it, in which a quill writes various names.

Congratulations, you have found the room where students are selected for Hogwarts. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

What is this room? “The Pen of Admission and Book of Admission were placed here by the Founders and have remained untouched ever since. They enter the name of each prospective Hogwarts student as soon as he shows any signs of magic – although the pen is more forgiving than the book, which sometimes snaps shut before a name is entered when the signs of magic are not dramatic enough.”

So if you are a little interested in life in the wizarding world and have always wondered how students are selected for Hogwarts, this discovery should be quite exciting for you.

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