Ori and the Blind Forest: Third offshoot of the Metroidvania hit is said to be in development

Ori and the Blind Forest: Third offshoot of the Metroidvania hit is said to be in development

While the Austrian developer Moon Studios is working on an all-new game, the two picturesque Metroidvanias could Ori and the Blind Forest as well as Ori and the Will of the Wisp still get a sequel.

According to rumours a third part are originally in development around the white forest spirit, but at another, still unknown studio. So fans of the 2D hops can apparently hope for another detour into the magical world of Ori, Naru and the owl Ku when the alleged leak corresponds to the truth.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Third Part should not come from Moon Studios

The leaker Nash Weedle is responsible for the rumor, who also correctly predicted the existence of Metroid Dread. The insider revealed a possible third offshoot of Ori and the Blind Forest on twitterthat this is under development and that the work process should be progressing well.

More surprising than the existence of a possible third Metroidvania from the Ori cosmos is the fact that another developer to produce the game. While Nash Weedle does not have any information about the studio in question, it does not appear to be Moon Studios, which is responsible for the first two games.

Reason for that might be rift between the management of the Austrian developer and the then publisher Microsoft, after which the collaboration ended. Of course, since the Xbox maker owns the rights to Ori, they could hire a new studio to develop a third offshoot, which fits with the rumor that’s just surfaced. So far, of course, nothing has been confirmed.

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What is Moon Studios currently working on?

Ori and the Blind Forest developers Moon Studios only reported back a month ago, as Creative Director Thomas Mahler compared the studio’s current project to well-known Nintendo titles. The transformation you made from the Ori games to the next game is like jumping from Mario to Zelda.

However, not much is known about the studio’s new title: It is supposed to be an action role-playing game and be released for all platforms – Mahler doesn’t believe in exclusivity, all players should be able to enjoy the studio’s works. Whether you have similar ambitions as the developer veterans around Eric Schaefer, who want to revolutionize the ARPG genreremains to be seen.