Pokémon GO: players talk about the best deal since 2018 – is the super raid box worth it?

Pokemon GO Super Raid Box

In Pokémon GO there is a box in the shop right now that offers a lot of raid passes. Who is it worth it for?

What is this box? There is currently a new “Super Raid Box” in Pokémon GO. This variant of the box costs 999 coins and brings:

  • 15 Premium Battle Passes
  • 1 decoy module
  • 3 Silver Pineapple Berries

If you calculate this against the “normal” shop prices, it looks like this:

  • 1 Premium Battle Pass typically costs 100 coins. So that would be 1500 coins.
  • 1 Lure Module also costs 100 coins.
  • You don’t usually get silver pineapple berries in the shop, but actually as a reward.

So you save 600 coins – and in the Pokémon GO subreddit TheSilphRoad, a user classified the offer once in the overall history of the last few years.

For whom is the offer worthwhile?

User Montressian pointed out in the Pokémon GO subreddit that the box is probably the best offer since 2018 when you look at raid passes and their coin prices. So each raid pass of the Super Raid Box would cost an average of 67 coins.

Important: The user only looks at boxes that have no purchase limit, i.e. can be bought several times. Only two other boxes have previously achieved better prices in the category, and both were released in April 2018 (via reddit).

This is what the box looks like in the shop

In addition to the passports, you also get the lure module and the three silver pineapple berries as a bonus.

For whom is the offer worthwhile? Basically, every day you get a Premium Battle Pass in-game by spinning Gyms or PokéStops. So you don’t necessarily have to buy passes from the shop.

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However, the offer should be interesting for players who basically raid several times a day or week. It should also be borne in mind that in March and April there will be two dates with top raids with Regieleki and Regidrago, which can only be completed with raid passes on site.

At 999 coins, the box isn’t exactly cheap either, but it’s at least achievable: 1,000 coins can be obtained within 20 days, where you can get 50 coins for defending arenas every day without spending any more money.

What coaches say: Even if the offer itself is positively received, trainers have some criticism when it comes to raid passes. They note that there is now a more popular raid item – namely the remote raid pass.

Here, trainers are still missing the weekly remote raid pass that used to be (via reddit), or note regarding the box, “Unfortunately, things have changed since the last time we received such an offer, and the vast majority prefer remote raiding by far,” notes one user (via reddit): “I’m glad to get it for myself, but it’s not as big a deal as it used to be.”

Also, while earlier boxes might have offered a better coin-per-raid pass price, they would have included noticeably more premium items like Lucky Eggs or Lure Modules.

Whether the box is worth it for you should therefore be decided based on your own gaming behavior – and whether it is worth the effort for the coins.

There was also praise and criticism outside of the shop in Pokémon GO: the art of catching event with Nockchan, Rabauz, Kicklee and Kapoera ran at the weekend. This brought XP bonuses for strong throws – but also a fairly defensive Pokémon.

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