Pokémon Go Plus +: Device gets Gatcha function with additional features

Pokémon Go: Art of Catching Event - Swing Your Fists - and Poké Balls!  (1)

from Sebastian Glanzer
The developers of Pokémon Go are launching an improved version of Pokémon GO Plus. This is supposed to work just like the Gotcha bracelet, but in addition to sleep tracking, it has other features up its sleeve that make it better than the Gotcha bracelet.

At the end of February, the developers of Pokémon Go announced that a new Pokémon Go Plus device would be released in July. The new gimmick is called Pokemon Go Plus+ and will finally be able to do what the Gotcha device has been able to do since 2018. Previously, the Pokemon GO Plus Ball would let you know when Pokemon were spotted nearby, prompting the player to press the device’s button to catch it.

Pokémon GO Plus + can be connected to your smartphone and allows you to automatically catch Pokémon without the hassle of pressing a button or modifying the device. So Pokémon GO Plus+ will work like the Gotcha device. Unlike the Gotcha Bracelet, Pokémon GO Plus + can also use different Balls instead of just the regular Poké Ball. Users also receive in-game goodies.

Special Special Research for purchasers of the Pokémon GO Plus +

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When you pair the Pokémon GO Plus + with your Pokémon GO game, you get one special researchin the course of which you one Relaxo with a sleepyhead encountered! This Relaxo looks even more sleepy than ordinary Relaxo. With the Pokémon GO Plus + you can also record sleep data if you want. Just press the center button and place it near your pillow.

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So far, players have been able to automatically discover Pokémon in Pokémon Go with the Gotcha bracelet and, with luck, catch them via Pokéballs. However, the Gotcha bracelet is not one of the official products of the game. It was not recommended by the developers, but never really banned, even if it happened again and again Rumors arose that players would be banned for using the gadget become.