Pokémon trailer reveals new information about the new season of the anime series

Pokémon Neue Anime-Serie 2023 Karmesin Purpur

Ash Ketchum will soon be in his well-deserved retirement and will appear in the next season of the Pokemon animes replaced by a young protagonist duo. A new trailer now presents us with fresh impressions from the anime and puts the main characters in the foreground.

Pokémon Anime: First trailer shows fresh footage

The new trailer shows first Liko and Roy, the two new main characters. Liko is from her Partner Pokémon Felori accompanied.

Also, for the first time we get a glimpse of Liko’s necklace, which looks suspiciously similar to the center crystal of Terapago’s carapace. Terapagos is one of the new Legendary Pokemon coming with the DLCs after Pokémon Crimson & Crimson come.

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Next to Roy is a special Pokeball which features an antique design and has two opposing marks on the Poké Ball’s button. It remains to be seen what secret lies behind it.

Of course they can too recently revealed characters not missing. Friedel is a Pokémon professor who helps Liko and Roy on their adventures. His partner Pokémon Flight Captain Pikachu is faithfully at his side.

Another important role take the Pokemon Azugladis and his trainer a. It is not yet known who it is. Also the Shiny form by Rayquaza is said to play an important role in the anime.

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The following people are working on the Pokémon anime

The contributors to the anime voice actors were also revealed:

  • Liqueur: Minori Suzuki
  • RoyYuka Terasaki
  • Friedel: Taku Yashiro
  • Captain Pikachu: Ikue Otani

Acted as director Saori Den (Mirage Queen Prefers Circus), while Daiki Tomiyasu (Pokemon Sun & Moon) serves as creative director. Dai Sato (Cowboy Bebop) keeps a look at the script of the series.

Other people working on the anime are Tesuo Yajima, Rei Yamazaki, Kyoko Ito and Masafumi Mima. works as a composer conical on the soundtrack.

The Pokémon anime celebrates on April 14, 2023 Premiered on Japanese TV. The first episode will be 60 minutes long. After that, a new episode of the anime series is scheduled to run every Friday.