PS Plus Essential – Last Chance: Get the latest games quickly before they’re gone

PS Plus September 2022: This is how much space the new essential games take up on your PS4/PS5

Soon the bonus titles from the February lineup will no longer be available for PS Plus Essential.

Tomorrow Tuesday (between 12 and 1 p.m.) the current month’s PS Plus Essential games will be released. So you only have a few hours until the current February titles are swapped out for the new March games! You should definitely take a look at OlliOlli World.

The PS Plus Essential games of the February 2023 line-up at a glance

A notice: You need a paid PS Plus Essential subscription to be able to download the above titles from the PS Store at no additional cost.

The highlight of this month: OlliOlli World:

Shortly before release, the trailer for OlliOlli World takes you all the way up to the skater god


Shortly before release, the trailer for OlliOlli World takes you all the way up to the skater god

  • Genre: skateboarding, skill
  • Metacritics: 84

That’s what it’s about: OlliOlli World is a skateboarding game where your skill counts: In colorful 2.5D levels you skate from A to B and perform stylish tricks by moving the analog stick in different directions.

This is special: The simple skateboarding game principle promises entertaining fun in particular, but it may also awaken the inner perfectionist in you: Because the hunt for the next high score is damn motivating. After a short period of getting used to it, you not only want to complete a lane, but also perfect it with particularly crazy flip tricks, grinds and the like.

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These are the PS Plus Essential games in March 2023

The new titles will unlock on March 7th, 2023 between 12pm and 1pm in the PS Plus section of the PlayStation Store. You can then download this until April 4 (until around 12/1 p.m.) with a corresponding paid subscription without any additional costs.

Sony has also already unveiled a handful of titles for all PS Plus Extra and Premium members to download in March, including:

You can find out what’s behind the new titles in our separate GamePro overview of PS Plus Extra and Premium in March 2023.

All important information about the PlayStation Plus subscription

Don’t have a subscription? All information about Sony’s paid service can be found in our info hub for all important information about PS Plus. In it we answer the most important questions as well as prices and advantages of the different models (Essential, Extra and Premium).

Which PS Plus game from the February lineup are you downloading and why?