Samsung Display chests out its folding screen concepts and much more at MWC 2023

samsung circular display

samsung display has shown devices that fold twice, both in a more compact size and in a large size, tablet. All this, of course, with OLED screens.

They are not new, we had already seen them announced at some technology fair but it has not been until this MWC 2023 when we have been able to have them live and direct in front of us.

We are not only talking about the Flex S and Flex G screens, which get their name from the way they fold in on themselves, but also about screens with unconventional formats like the ones we see in cars or even a completely circular 13-inch screen. .

Nothing better than seeing it on video because we already tell you that despite being concepts they have a finish that would have little to polish to be able to go on the market if Samsung or another brand, Samsung Display would provide the panels, decide to launch a device in these formats.

What has caught my attention the most is no longer screens that fold to one side or the other. In fact, we have already seen laptops like the ASUS 17 OLED Fold or Lenovo that already use an all-screen design.

If not the option of getting devices with extensible or larger screens in a much more compact form factor for transport. And well, maybe round screenwhich gives the sensation of being the screen of a giant smartwatch.

But something in which Samsung Display affects, and we agree on the importance, is that they have achieved with their Eco2 OLED Plus technologyget a screen consumption savings of 25% with the same screen brightness.

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We remember that the screen is one of the components with the highest consumption in a mobile, so, we can get used to the idea of ​​what is to come in terms of autonomy of mobiles in the next generations.

As we can see, the screen division of the South Korean company is putting all the meat on the grill and facilitating design possibilities for future devices, whether they are mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even new designs for the cars of the future.