Sons of the Forest: Kelvin and Virginia should become smarter and more helpful

Virginia and Kelvin are by your side in Sons of the Forest - if you don't kill them.

Virginia and Kelvin can already help you out in Sons of the Forest, but it’s about to get even better.

Sons of the Forest is currently still in the Early Access phase. This means that the horror survival game is still being worked on, some features are missing. But we don’t know exactly what’s in store for us until the release. But now the Endnight developer studio is finally answering the most pressing questions from fans.

Sons of the Forest: The makers are already revealing these planned changes

That’s what it’s about: With Sons of the Forest it may still take a while until the full release of the finished game. Actually, the people behind the game wanted to be that far, but for now there is only Early Access. Accordingly, there is still a lot missing that is planned. But what exactly is it?

In the third trailer for Sons of the Forest we see new grisly mutations


In the third trailer for Sons of the Forest we see new grisly mutations

Now we know more: In some official question rounds, the people from Endnight Studio answered questions from many fans (via: YouTube). It was often about the two AI companions Kelvin and Virginia. In connection with this, there is good news:

“Big Plans” for Kelvin & Virginia:

  • Kelvin should be able to take on more tasks over time. For example, one idea is that he can build a wall around the base. Kelvin may also want to repair or fortify the base on his own if the need arises.
  • Virginias AI will be revised in the future. Especially in terms of her bravery when armed and depending on how many enemies she’s already taken down.
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More story content planned:

If you’re waiting for a more elaborate background story, you probably won’t be disappointed. There should be a lot of lore, items, cutscenes and also completely new areas that further line and advance the story of Sons of the Forest.

What about a console version?

A fair amount of people are constantly asking for a PS4 or PS5 version of Sons of the Forest as well as Xbox. To which Endnight replies:

“We’d be really excited to bring the game to PlayStation and possibly Xbox after Early Access, but we don’t have any firm plans at the moment. For now, we just want to make the best PC game we can.”

New items and enemies

Building and Crafting: Many fans want more options for crafting and also when it comes to building. While there are promising hints of crafting but no concrete statement, there will definitely be improvements and expansions in terms of building in the future.

Opponent: Yes, Endnight is working on it and at least one new opponent probably didn’t make it in time for the Early Access launch. In the future, however, it will probably be introduced with a probability bordering on certainty.

What do you think of the statements? Are you looking forward to the upcoming content or is what is already in the game enough for you?