Sons of the Forest: New details on planned enemies, AI improvements and more

Sons of the Forest

The survival game Sons of the Forest is on February 23 in the Early access started and turned out to be a real highlight right at the start. Players have a lot of fun exploring the map, which is significantly enlarged compared to its predecessor, building camps and fighting native people.

Endnight Games, the developers of the game should be very satisfied with the success, but at the same time they are also working on other features. After all, it is only a preliminary release so far. Fans could now give the team a few Information about planned content elicit.

Sons of the Forest: New details on planned content

Unlike creating intriguing worlds and survival mechanics, communication isn’t necessarily one of its strengths Endnight Games. In addition to patch notes and tweets about new updates, there are hardly any official information about the contentwhich are to be installed in the course of Early Access up to the full release.

Of course, enthusiastic gamers have a lot of ideas and wishes and exchange ideas on different platforms like Reddit or Discord out of. This is how the idea came about to create a list of important questions and send them to the team. Many of these were answered with vague statements. Much is still not specifically planned or only conceivable after the release. But there was still some new information.

One of the most important new features of “Sons of the Forest” are the AI ​​companions Kelvin and Virginia. These support you in gathering resources, building bases and in battle. Here Endnight also has in the future great plans. That’s how it should be Kelvin more and detailed instructions receive and more complex buildings can build alone. Virginia should against braver become when carrying a weapon.

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When asked for more opponent variation the developers replied that there should be modifications of existing enemies in the future. A certain enemy type also didn’t make it to the early access start and should be delivered soon. Last but not least, it was about the one that was so popular in the predecessor Sleds. While there was no confirmation here, it looks like this one is definitely on Endnight’s list.

Do you play Sons of the Forest? Which features do you wish for? Tell us in the comments!