Sons of The Forest: Plans for Updates, DLCs, Steam Workshop

Sons of The Forest: Plans for Updates, DLCs, Steam Workshop

The developers of Sons of The Forest had asked themselves a Q&A on Reddit and Discord and answered questions about the game. This turned into an interesting FAQ that offers numerous answers about planned gameplay content. Much of this is to be realized in Early Access. However, the list is quite long and some projects like improved AI for Virginia and Kelvin or more story content seem to go beyond what the initial time frame of 6 to 8 months seems to suggest.

Updates every 2 or 4 weeks

The developers therefore also confirmed that not every update will come every 14 days, as is now planned for the first update. Depending on the effort and scope, there can sometimes be four weeks between the updates. Endnight Games had also removed some content from the game; such as power generation and everything that has to do with it. From photovoltaic elements to accumulators to consumers. They’re probably not really out of the question yet.

A fast travel system was also mentioned, but you first want to check whether you can integrate it into the game in such a way that it fits into the game. The building system is also said to have many more options than what’s already in the game, and one has a cooking system up its sleeve; while you don’t really want to add anything to the flora, fauna and indigenous population. Dedicated servers, for example, are yet to come.

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This begs the question of how all of this is supposed to fit into 6 to 8 months of early access while continuing to collect feedback from the community. Because that will come without question. The developers say. Without the early access, the game would have been postponed again to summer or autumn and due to the good experiences the first time, the decision was made to involve the players in the development.

Additional content and mods still vague

Of course you can continue to add content after the release of the game, but then you would probably have to concentrate on finalizing the story and there were also talks about DLCs and Steam Workshop. When asked about the latter, they don’t have any plans yet and they would mainly be of interest to players who want to play Sons of The Forest long-term. How things will continue with DLCs and Steam Workshop will be announced in the further course of Early Access.

In additional content, one could, for example, offer the planned expansion of the hunting system, for which one has ideas, but nothing concrete can be shared with the players so far. The fact that you generally remain very vague seems to be because Endnight Games doesn’t want to promise anything with Sons of The Forest that might not make it into the game. This is probably one of the reasons why there is no concrete roadmap. So you will have to be a little surprised about the direction in which the game is developing.

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Source: Reddit