Sons of the Forest: Players want a feature roadmap, developers are hesitant

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from Sarah Petzold
Sons of the Forest has finally appeared in Early Access, but is still missing a few features, which is why fans want a roadmap. But that won’t be available any time soon, as the developers have suggested.

After the initial hype about Sons of the Forest, which even briefly crashed Steam, the first disillusionment is spreading, especially among die-hard fans of The Forest. The sequel to one of the best survival games for its own community lacks content and features that were partly available in the predecessor and would significantly improve the gaming experience. The fans therefore want a concrete roadmap from the developers – but the team behind Sons of the Forest is shy.

Developers: We don’t want to make promises we can’t keep

In a post-launch Q&A on Discord and Reddit, the following question came up:
“Many players are asking for features, but they may be in the works. Can we get a roadmap of features and additional content coming in the future that you can share with us? It would prevent a lot of requests and also help the general community improve experience.”

However, the developers’ answer to this question was sobering:
“We don’t want to promise features that might not make it into the game, but we do like to surprise players with cool things that they might not expect. We read all the comments and feature requests, and we try to incorporate the ideas that come up on the best fit into the game.”

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So fans should probably not expect a roadmap for Sons of the Forest in the near future. Instead, we now have months of waiting and hoping that the developers at Endnight will keep their word and actually implement the desired features. After all, they have already confirmed that there will be new items to craft and that the team is working on dedicated servers.

Source: reddit