Spoiler-free criticism of the 8th episode The Last of Us: Wild goulash with mushrooms

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You should definitely try the following recipe for venison goulash in the style of The Last of Us: You take two main characters who have grown dear to you for seven episodes and add a seemingly hopeless situation. While both are cooking at a high temperature, the antagonist is prepared. He is portrayed as the passive-aggressive, caring leader of a desperate group of people and spices everything up with a good pinch of latently menacing charm and unshakable belief in the supposed will of God. Then both components are mixed and boiled for around 49 minutes to form a hearty ragout.

New episode The Last of Us: This game goulash will not be forgotten so quickly

The intense taste of this game goulash stands or falls with the freshness of the ingredients. And here the chefs behind The Last of Us once again prove they have a lucky hand. Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) in particular is in top form in the 8th episode of the acclaimed series and proves once again that she is the real main ingredient of this extraordinary stew. But it is her Opponent Scott Shepherd (Jason Bourne, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie), which provides the necessary whistle.

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A high-quality spice mixture that makes a dish unmistakable does not need an extraordinary sharpness in the sense of a brutal appearance, nor does it need to be added stock powder in the form of a menacing weapon. Scott Shepherd refines the new episode The Last of Us in a unique way without being particularly exotic or outlandish. And yet he unerringly hits the taste buds and will Goulash connoisseur be remembered for a long time.

The new episode The Last of Us (buy now ) is like all previous episodes an absolute feast for the palate. Not a delicately prepared delicacy, but a hearty stew that combines all the ingredients so perfectly that you starve for competently prepared ones Video game adaptations, greedily eaten until you threaten to burst. But beware: The 8th episode from The Last of Us is so gory it could make your stomach ache. I at least need a schnapps for digestion now. A double, please!