Square Enix: President and blockchain fan Yosuke Matsuda has to go

The heroine of Forspoken casts a spell.

from Karsten Scholz
With a very soberly worded statement, those responsible at Square Enix announced on March 3, 2023 that President Yosuke Matsuda had to vacate his position for a successor who should be better suited to leading the company into a successful future.

Through his annual New Year’s letters, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda has made a name for himself as an avid fan of the Blockchain and NFT division made. Already In early 2022, Matsuda explained that he finds these topics, but also the metaverse, extremely exciting and that the company intends to invest more in these areas in the future. At the beginning of 2023, the President then confirmed the chosen pathalthough the blockchain hype had to take a heavy hit in 2022.

No more live service games, please, Square Enix! | Column by David

Yosuke Matsuda has to go

For ten years, Yosuke Matsuda played a key role in shaping the fortunes of Square Enix as President and CEO. He’ll have to vacate his place soon. On March 3, 2023, those responsible at Square Enix had in a very soberly worded message initiated the removal of Matsuda as president and representative director of the company. The reasoning:

Given the rapidly changing business environment in the entertainment industry, the proposed change seeks to reshape the management team to embrace the ever-evolving technological innovations and maximize the group’s creativity to bring even more entertainment to customers around the world .


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