Steel Division 2: Simulated Divisions League Season 10 Started – News

Steel Division 2: Simulated Divisions League Season 10 Started - News

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Yesterday is the tenth and thus anniversary season of the Steel Division 2 League, which is Simulated Divisions League (to the article on Season 7 and 8) is organized, started. The live on the day before caused a lot of excitement among participants and spectators official twitch channel of the organization broadcast draw event. The league is primarily organized by protos gamer and GreenHD. Take care of the statistics Roguish.

This season will be played again in five divisions. In the second to fifth divisions, 16 players in four groups compete in the group phase. In the first division, eight players play in two groups. Last year’s winner gonzo takes a break. But Germany is again represented in the international event. Plays in the first division P.Uri.Tanneroccurs in the second division flix on and in the third division will Vampiro faced with serious challenges.

In the first division should Khers be the favorite. But other players like Lunawho always plays exceptional divisions, will not be pushovers. ElBowser, who also streams himself, made an extraordinary comeback last season and somehow turned around a game that was sure to be lost. With Mr. Robert the organizer of the monthly tournaments is also there. With players like Col-Koenig, reef or reef will also be expected. Doubtful if anyone StantheMan lets his signature division play 2nd Pancerna.

In the second division then cavort some content creators like VulcanHDGaming, flix and AtkPwrGaming. In the third division find the content creators Hobotangowho also heads the novice-friendly clan Kingdom of the Noobs, Badger jelly and Vampiro. Generally the division with players like Comrade Glogi, Denis Diderot, jaapaasa, Socks or Liszek top-class staff. In the fourth division there are numerous well-known and good players like Squurrol, Paladin Lepa, Durdles, Melancholy Robot or colcol. In the fifth division cavort known as ManedWolf or tonnomanbut also some relatively new combatants like Stuka_Ace.

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If you want to watch casts of games, you can find possible contact points in the table below. The casts are in English.

The rough tournament information can be found on the official site. The There are details in a Google document.