Successful Streamer Says Twitch Offered Him $3M a Year – Reveals Why He Declined

Successful Streamer Says Twitch Offered Him $3M a Year - Reveals Why He Declined

In a question and answer session, the streamer Mizkif speaks of an offer of 3 million US dollars that Twitch is said to have made him and explains why he rejected it.

Who is the person you are talking about?

  • Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is a 28-year-old streamer from the United States. He has 2 million followers on Twitch.
  • Mizkif is a member of the streamer group OTK (One True King), which also includes Asmongold.
  • A scandal stalled Mizkif’s career in 2022.
  • Mizkif also participates in major streamer events as part of OTK. Mikzif accidentally broke an opponent’s elbow at a soccer game in February.
  • On March 2nd, Mizkif hosted a Q&A on Twitch with OTK streamer “ExtraEmily” and spoke about a $3 million offer from Twitch and why he turned it down.

What was that offer? During the Q&A, Mizkif says Twitch offered him $3 million a year two years ago. However, the streaming platform would have collected all the income from its Twitch streams, including subs.

In addition, Mizkif would have been required to stream 150 hours per month and Twitch would have played a certain number of minutes per hour of advertising on his channel.

I tell you this. Twitch offered me a contract two years ago and said, “Miz, we’ll pay you $3 million a year,” or something like that, “and you have to stream 150 hours a month. But […] Subs don’t matter. We’ll advertise on your channel,” like 4 minutes an hour or whatever it was, “and you don’t make any money through Twitch, we take it all. But we’re guaranteed to pay you 3 million at the end of the year.”

Mizkif via Twitch

Why did he refuse? As Mizkif explains, he turned down Twitch’s offer because then he wouldn’t have felt the need to develop further. The deal would have made him feel like he could just sit around and do nothing.

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In his opinion, it is not interesting for him if he had the guarantee that he only has to stream and he prefers to work in a goal-oriented manner. A sub-goal, for example, motivates him to stream more.

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I said no because then I wouldn’t feel like I had to keep growing. It would make me feel like I could just sit and do nothing, and I don’t want that. Do you understand? I need an incentive to grow. Otherwise I would be bored. Because if I had the guarantee that I could just stream and do crap, it wouldn’t be that interesting to me. So I like to be more goal oriented.

Mizkif via Twitch

This means that the offer, or the guaranteed income that goes with it, does not match Mizkif’s goal-oriented way of working. A goal to aim for and try to achieve would be completely gone if he was getting $3 million a year regardless of the quality of the streams.

Before Mizkif spoke about Twitch’s offer during the Q&A session, he was asked if he would switch to the controversial streaming platform Kick for $10 million. He answered the question with “No” and explained that he wouldn’t even switch for 50 million (via Twitter).

He gave several reasons for the statement. On the one hand, the change would harm the group OTK, on ​​the other hand he had reached a point in his career where he no longer had to worry about money.

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Mizkif said more money would not change his life. He doesn’t like fancy clothes, plays Valorant and doesn’t even buy skins and he watches anime. He doesn’t need the 10 million and has enough money.

The German streamer MontanaBlack also spoke about the streaming platform Kick and what he wants so that he leaves Twitch:

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