Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth brings terraforming and fertile ground

Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth brings terraforming and fertile ground

Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth terraforms dreadful ground and brings hope to the wasteland.

Surviving the Aftermath gets an expansion. With a first teaser, Rebirth was announced, in which players can terraform and make the once contaminated land fertile.

Here are the first details about the expansion:

Corruption: From threat to resource

After decades of radioactive contamination, a new plague has emerged: mutant fungi have begun to infect animals, making them aggressive and dangerous. This infection has spread across the wasteland and threatens to overwhelm everything. You must find a cure for the corruption to ward off it! Collect samples of corruption, study them in a new research building, and make discoveries to unlock new buildings, resources, and upgrades.

From wasteland to green meadows

Turn this barren land into fertile soil! With the terraformer you can create new life: the more you terraform, the greener and more vegetation your map will be and the more animals will appear. But beware when terraforming areas affected by Corruption: Corruption monsters will appear here and attack your survivors.

New buildings and improvements

Rebirth brings three new buildings, three building upgrades, and an all-new, multi-tiered corruption lab with its own research tree. A purification post allows for the removal of small contaminated depots. It can be upgraded to an exterminator post to cleanse corrupted nests, swarms, and burrows. The standard terraformer, which turns land into terraformed ground, can be upgraded to an advanced terraformer. The Environment Station becomes the Hazmat Station: Survivors can use it to clear the Corruption Cores and put an end to the creatures’ attacks. While Sentry Posts aren’t new buildings, they’ve been significantly improved and will be more important than ever in defending your colony from now on.

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More pictures and a short teaser:

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