The Last of Us Episode 9 Preview: Action, Drama, and Infected!

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us

While many fans are still grappling with Episode 8 of The Last of Us, throws the grand finale of season 1 already its shadow ahead. Because with the broadcast of Episode 9 the provisional end of the story will be reached. In order to get you in the mood for it a little, we grant at this point a little taste. You can also some snippets not missing.

Here’s what to expect in Episode 9 of The Last of Us

The last episode of season 1 of The Last of Us (buy now ) becomes on March 12, 2023 to be seen on HBO Max, on Monday night it will also run on Sky or WOW. She bears the title “Look For the Light”, which is doubly interesting. He doesn’t just point that out a final full of hope down, but also takes a bow to Episode 1 (“When You’re Lost in the Dark”) and completes a well-known slogan of the Fireflies: “When You’re Lost in the Dark, Look For the Light“.

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So it’s conceivable that Joel and Ellie will finally get together in the season finale meet the fireflies and thus achieve their original goal. The episode 9 has a running time of just 43 minuteswhich is significantly less than all other episodes before.

There are currently many doubts on the part of the fans regarding the remaining story material from the game template. By the way, another foretaste of the season 1 finale is granted the just released teaser trailer with some excerpts. These show Drama, action and also infected. The Last of Us appears to be bringing out all the guns.

So it continues with The Last of Us

With episode 9 Season 1 of The Last of Us comes to an end and therefore closes an important chapter away. However, you must not saying goodbye to Joel and Ellie forever.