The Thaumaturge: First gameplay of the UE5 RPG from the Witcher Remake developers

The Thaumaturge: First gameplay of the UE5 RPG from the Witcher Remake developers

from Norman Wittkopf
After the developers of the remake of The Witcher recently announced another project with The Thaumaturge, there is now the first gameplay for the dark role-playing game based on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5).

As part of the recent announcement of The Thaumaturge, there was initially only a cinematic trailer to see. Hidden in it was the Fools’ Theory developer studio, which is also responsible for the upcoming remake of The Witcher, and a reference to the first gameplay video. However, only very few viewers had discovered this hint and in the meantime the website specially set up for the gameplay trailer has been set up revealed to all.

The excerpts from the dark role-playing game shown there after completing the seal give a first glimpse of the gameplay and cutscenes. There is also an impression of the Unreal Engine 5 used as the graphical framework. According to the announcement, The Thaumaturge wants to be a “genuine RPG” with character development, including different approaches, decisions and consequences.

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The focus is on the topic of inner demons on several levels. According to the developer, the gameplay is significantly influenced by the presence of mystical beings in the form of the powerful salutors. In turn-based battles, these improve the skills and status values ​​of the protagonists and influence narrative aspects, as other characters can be manipulated with their help.

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The Thaumaturge: Storyline and Release

The action of The Thaumaturge is set in Warsaw in the early 20th century, where under the authoritarian rule of the Russian Empire, luxury and wealth as well as poverty and crime collide in the multicultural metropolis. Players should also meet historical figures who also play a role in the story. There is no release date yet, but it says so in the Epic Games Store “coming soon”, although the project has been in the making for four years according to the original announcement. It also appears on Steam and GoG.