The world’s largest YouTuber produces his own chocolate – lets his viewers clean up the supermarket shelves

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Jimmy Donaldson runs the largest YouTube channel by a single person. Many know him better as “MrBeast”. You can also buy chocolate from the YouTuber for a good year now, the brand is called “Feastables”. To make the sales go better, MrBeast came up with something interesting.

Who is MrBeast? The greatest YouTuber in the world. With its currently 136 million subscribers, MrBeast has one of the largest channels on YouTube and regularly has over 100 million views with its videos.

MrBeast is known for crazy promotions that no normal person can afford. He paid for eye surgery for 1,000 people or showed his viewers what you get in hotels that cost $1 million a night.

Differentiation strategies are typical in the industry today. YouTubers want to build up additional financial pillars. MrBeast is trying to do this with chocolate, among other things, and is now showing what market advantages there are as a large influencer.

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MrBeast is giving away $5,000 to supermarket helpers

What advantage does MrBeast use? The YouTuber used his reach right from the start of his chocolate brand “Feastables”. He announced in early 2022 that you could get free chocolate for 10 minutes on the Feastables website. That cost MrBeast over $1 million.

The current Feastables promotion is less expensive, but potentially effective as well. MrBeast is urging his followers on Twitter to clean up Feastables chocolate displays in supermarkets:

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He writes it would make him happy. By the way, the note that the chocolate will soon no longer be available exclusively at Walmart. Accordingly, MrBeast is currently building a team to take care of the displays in the supermarkets – but until then he needs the help of his viewers and followers.

A short time later, the “Feastables Shelfie Clean-Up Sweepstakes” went online on the Feastables website – a competition (via If you deposit your data here and “before and after photos” of the tidy supermarket shelves, you have a chance of winning $5,000.

How is that received? Under MrBeast’s tweet, many users post that they support the campaign. However, there are also a lot of trolls here. The answer with the most likes simply copied the pictures from MrBeast and wrote: “Just at Walmart and cleaned up this shelf”.

However, the mood is positive, even if many trolls ridicule the project.

An interesting discussion is then initiated by the Twitter user “@mws” (via He thinks that influencer and content creator brands could take over supermarkets in the future. Other brands would not manage to create such a strong bond with the product.

how do you see it? Have you tried influencer products yet? What products would you launch if you had the reach? Leave a comment on the topic.

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