Trainers in Pokémon GO are celebrating the Sunday event, but a Pokémon is making them despair

Trainers in Pokémon GO are celebrating the Sunday event, but a Pokémon is making them despair

Last Sunday, Pokémon GO was all about the “art of catching”. And while the event got plenty of praise, there was also some frustration.

What was that event? The Art of Fang Event ran on Sunday, March 5, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

So you had plenty of time to deal with the special event spawns. These were primarily:

  • Kicklee and Nockchan in the wild
  • Bully in the 7km eggs
  • And Kapoera from research

The twist was that you got double XP for catching monsters with good, great, or fabulous curveballs. So you could use the event well to improve your own EP account. There should also be an increased shiny rate.

Now the event is over – and the feedback is mixed.

Praise and criticism for the Fangkunst event

If you look around the Pokémon GO community, you’ll notice that the event was able to excite some trainers, but also frustrated others greatly.

This was praised: Among other things, there was praise for the long window of 10 hours that could be used on Sunday to play the event. This is what user Uunikana points out (via reddit) – because the short time window, for example at Community Days, has already caused trouble for many players. The XP collection option was also praised.

The principle itself was also well received – the mix of wilderness, research and egg spawns was well received: “It was a refreshing event format that I hope Niantic will do with more Pokémon lines in the future,” says such as user “Jerb22” (via reddit): “I don’t understand why people complain about it, except that Kapoera is hard to catch.”

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But that’s exactly what seemed to displease some coaches. Or, as one user on the Pokémon GO subreddit TheSilphRoad summarizes: “Great event format, but terrible Pokémon” (via reddit).

This gets criticism: In the subreddits for Pokémon GO, the selection of the event Pokémon is criticized. In particular, Kapoera, which could be obtained up to 40 times in research, apparently frustrated a number of trainers. Because the constantly dancing fighting Pokémon proved to be quite defensive and difficult to catch. Many a post in the Pokémon GO subreddit is about Kapoera and the frustration with this monster. Some trainers have called it useless and just take too many PokéBalls to get (via reddit).

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“I failed to catch Latias four times, but since today I really hate Kapoera. Stand still, you jerk,” summarizes one trainer (via reddit).

In addition, other coaches have other points of criticism. Some simply described the event as boring, others criticized that it would be more interesting with more useful monsters. In addition, some were annoyed that they did not get a shiny in the event – although the shiny rate was increased.

How did you perceive the event? Were you able to relate to the “Art of Catching” Sunday, would you like to see more events like this? Or was it rather not for you? Tell us in the comments!

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