What does the muscle icon mean in Sons of the Forest? Power symbol explained

What does the muscle icon mean in Sons of the Forest?  Power symbol explained

The HUD in Sons of the Forest contains all sorts of symbols that are unfortunately not really explained by the game itself, which is why you have to gather most of the information yourself. Like the red one for example muscle icon right above your mini-map. In this guide we will tell you what the biceps are all about.

Sons of the Forest: The Muscle Icon Explained

Right next to your need for sleep, thirst, and hunger gauges is a notable one biceps. A symbol that was in the predecessor The Forest not yet existed, which is why quite a few players are now asking themselves what exactly it is all about and why it seems to be can be leveled up.

If you keep a close eye on the symbol and your own activities, you will quickly find that the muscular arm is yours strength level or yours strength level indicates. This value has a use in three ways, because the higher it is, the better it is more life points do you have and about so more endurance you decree

But that is not all. Who his upper arms in Sons of the Forest properly trained and thus leveling up the muscle icon, inflicted with melee weapons more damage, making axes, machetes, chainsaws, the katana and even the stun gun all the more dangerous for your enemies. Which of course is in your interest.

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With normal handling of the ax, it gets more with the muscles. © Endnight Games/PlayCentral overlay

What other weapons there are, those of a high strength value benefit, you can find out in our guide Find All Weapons: Sons of the Forest – These are the locations. Before you arm yourself and get up close and personal with the cannibals like an action star, you should also train properly and this is described as follows.

Muscle icon in Sons of the Forest: How to increase your strength level

Completed physical tasks in the game. It’s as simple as that. If you exert yourself physically, you’ll automatically get a little bit stronger. The Felling treesthe carrying logs but also the Heavy weapon handling continuously increases your strength level, which you can see by the fact that the red symbol is filled up.

But there is also a much easier way, because the biceps can also be increased by you lashes out at pretty much everything or nothing. Knock down trees, cannibals, animals or completely pointless in the air. The goal, whether it exists or not, doesn’t matter, your strength will continue to grow. It really can’t get much easier.

Is the power symbol once completely filled been, it briefly shows your new level for strength and you have more physical power, which not only allows you to do more damage to enemies, you also fall significantly faster trees. The speed of yours AI Companion Kelvin you can’t get it that way, but it’s better than nothing.

Or you let your colleague dig.. at least that’s how he increases his biceps. © Endnight Games/PlayCentral overlay

Sons of the Forest: What Other Symbols Are Over the Radar?

As you have seen, the muscle symbol is just one of all five symbolswho you at the mini map are displayed. If you are not sure what “Sons of the Forest” actually wants to tell you with these ads, you will find a list with the corresponding descriptions below:

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The eye icon

The eye icon appears right next to the muscle icon and shows you if you are crouching or not visible to your enemies are. If you’re standing, no eye is shown, but if you crouch, it pops up. The fuller the circle around the eye, the better your character is for opponents to see and the greater the risk of being spotted.

The drop icon

The drop indicates how thirsty your character is. So that you don’t get dehydrated in the survival horror game, you have to drink water regularly, for which you have your drinking bottle with you. In the predecessor “The Forest” you could still do this turtle shell use, but they don’t have the same benefit in the successor.

The chicken icon

The delicious looking chicken drumstick gives your character’s hunger at. You must be careful to eat food regularly to avoid starvation. Different foods keep you full for different amounts of time. Try a little bit which food suits you the best effect has.

The crescent symbol

This symbol tells you how tired your character is. Is the ad green filled, it means you are rested. Violet shows, on the other hand, that you have pumped yourself up with herbal mixtures, energy drinks or energy bars. Also keep an eye on this symbol, because at some point your character will inevitably have to take a break.

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