Wo Long: All Trophies – The platinum is easy if you don’t miss the collectibles

We give you an overview of the trophies in the game.

We give you an overview of the trophies in the game.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new action RPG from the Nioh development team, you have to earn a total of 51 trophies. If you plan to complete all main and side missions in full, you should unlock most of them automatically as the game progresses.

What’s left after that only becomes quite complex if you overlook collectibles and in the end don’t know in which missions you missed them.

Spoiler alert: The contents of the trophies can give you clues about game content.

You have to do that for the platinum

We can hardly speak of a quick platinum in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, because if you get through the game well, you still have to reckon with 50 hours for all missions. However, most trophies are easily earned on the side. You can’t miss any trophies, and you don’t have to play online for any of them.

It can only become problematic if you overlook collectibles in the levels. These include, for example, the friendly demons Shiteshou, which reminds a bit of pandas, tablets and the upgrade materials for the dragon healing pot.

You can then travel back to the missions and get them, but with the Shiteshou, among other things, you still have to know in which levels you have already found them and in which not – and sometimes you have to get past a boss again. On the other hand, you also get a complete petting zoo.

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By the way, here you can read how Wo Long did in our test or watch the video:

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Test video for the action spectacle


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Test video for the action spectacle

The trophies at a glance

  • In the wind of freedom: First standard erected
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Learned first spell
  • Fast Reflexes: Successfully blocked 10 critical hits
  • The beginning of the journey: Awakened from the sleep of the dead by the voice of the blindfolded boy
  • Oath of the steadfast: Oath sworn with Zhao Yun
  • Handyman: Reinforced first piece of gear
  • Vulnerable Moments: Hit with 50 fatal attacks
  • Unstoppable: Reached morale rank 20 for the first time
  • How cute! Fed First Shitshou
  • Will of the Faithful: Oath sworn with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
  • Suppression of Heresy: Defeated all the witchers performing the ritual in “The Valley of the Weeping Spirits”.
  • The first phase: Interacted with the five stages of transformation for the first time
  • At fifteen I joined the army: Reached level 15
  • Ambition of the Tiger: Oath sworn with Sun Jian
  • Righteous Judgment: Taken revenge 10 times
  • All that glitters: Embedded your first gem at the Forge
  • Decoration makes people: Decorate your first item at the Forge
  • Keepers of Peace: Oath sworn with Zuo Ci
  • Stubborn Justice: Saved the captive hermits in “The Fall of the Corrupt Eunuch”.
  • Awakening of the Merciless Hero: Oath sworn with Cao Cao
  • Stringed bow: Defeated 5 enemies with a ballista in “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass”.
  • Most powerful of all men: Lu Bus forces thrown back
  • Heroes will rise: In “Centuries of Glory a Prey to the Flames” Xielong thrown back
  • Guidance of the constellations: Oath sworn with Lady Zhen
  • Succession: Oath sworn with Sun Ce and Sun Quan
  • Side by side: Mastered 10 battlegrounds with a companion
  • family ties: Oath sworn with Hong Jing
  • Battle Hardened: You have mastered 15 sub-battlegrounds
  • The steadfast two: Oath sworn with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan
  • Fearless Warrior: Oath sworn with Zhang Liao
  • Entrusted legacy: Oath sworn with Lu Bu
  • Expectation and Friendship: Oath sworn with Liu Bei
  • Eye to eye: Knocked back attackers 10 times
  • Dreams of Unity: Oath sworn with Yuan Shao
  • Here I am again at eighty: Reached level 80
  • Destroyer of Evil: Defeated Yu Ji
  • Open eyes: Heard the blindfolded boy’s decision
  • In the Storm of Freedom: All standards set up
  • Hunt for the big deer: Mastered all major and minor battlegrounds
  • Call to Arms: Deployed 10 Tiger Seals
  • Magic Master: Learned all spells
  • Sharpened Blade: Weapon enhanced to its utmost limit
  • Hard as Diamond: Armor piece reinforced to its ultimate limit
  • Fantastic shape: Equipped a full 4-star set of melee and ranged weapons, an accessory, and four pieces of armor
  • Librarian: All panels collected
  • Pots and Potions: Increased Dragon’s Healing Pot to maximum number and effectiveness
  • rise: Give the maximum number of cicada cases to a specific person
  • Great Alliances: Allied with all available warriors
  • Meritorious beyond measure: Received a blood brother’s blessing for the first time
  • Dearest: All shiteshou fed
  • Where Long: Obtained all other trophies
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If you are still missing trophies after your playthrough, most of them should be relatively easy to get. Is for example Meritorious beyond measure the problem, then you just have to play missions again with one of the NPCs until your familiarity level has increased to 10. Miss you Great Alliancesthen you have to call all NPCs once as reinforcements.

Which trophies are you still missing or which do you find the most difficult?