Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is back on Steam after a DMCA strike from disgruntled player

Citybuilder removed from Steam allegedly due to DMCA from disgruntled player

Last month, city-builder Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic was removed from Steam following a DMCA takedown notice filed by a disgruntled player. The industrial management game is now back on Steam and available for purchase again. “We want to apologize to those who were looking to purchase the game and were unable to,” says the latest developerblog posted to Steam. Studio 3Division continue to say, “We realize that we underestimated the situation, and it quickly escalated to a point that posed a threat to our game.”

The original dispute came from a community member who wrote a guide on the ‘Cosmonaut Mode’, which was essentially a ruleset to make Workers & Resources more challenging. 3Division later added a harder, more realistic game mode with a few similarities to Cosmonaut, which pushed the guide writer to ask for credit in-game. 3Division said this was something they would “probably do” after they finished making the game, allegedly angering the guide writer and prompting a DMCA filing.

The issue has now been resolved and the game is back in supply – good news for all of you with penchants for industrial construction. Sin loved it back in 2021, although she modded the game until it transformed into a village-builder. “What you might not know is how brilliant it is when you reject building a large-scale industrial behemoth, and play it as a backwards rural village dependent entirely on horses,” Sin said.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is back on Steam for £28. There’s also a new Waste Management update on the way and you can read all the details in the newest devblog.

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