Xbox Series S: The Xbox Mini Fridge is said to be followed by a console-style toaster

Xbox Series S: The Xbox Mini Fridge is said to be followed by a console-style toaster

While the Xbox Series X is primarily known as a console, two years ago it was also known as a compact refrigerator implemented. Of the Xbox Series S should now one Toaster consequences.

Just as the Xbox Mini Fridge looks exactly like its video game console idol, Microsoft’s next kitchen utensil is modeled after a console, but this time its little sister in white. However, it is still the case just rumoursan official announcement of the Xbox Toaster is still pending.

Xbox Series S: Classic console-style toaster

The first report on the rumored Xbox Toaster came from Twitter user GyoJvfr, who flaunted an image of the Xbox Series S-style kitchen appliance. With the plain white design and the big black fan on the side, the bread heater matches the lying design of the discless console exactly.

On the side you can see not only the lever for starting the toasting, but also three other buttons for defrosting, stopping the current process and the preparation of bagels, as well as a black wheel with which the strength of the heat can apparently be adjusted with six levels . Along with two bread slots and a removable crumb tray, the Microsoft device appears to be the Qualities of a commercial toaster to show.

The Xbox toaster is said to be priced at 60 euro lie and the French website Xbox Squad will appear in 2023. There you can also already take pre-orders for the officially unconfirmed product and show pictures of a whole range of other Xbox paraphernalia.

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More Xbox everyday items may be planned

Because according to Xbox Squad, the Xbox Series S Toaster seems to be just the beginning: that’s supposed to be a whole series other merchandise items created and sold around Microsoft’s game consoles. Dealers, including the Twitter user mentioned above, have already received some pictures of the products.

Among other things, they show one Tool box in halo design, a mouse pad with RGB lighting, a folding box, a pen holder, a dinnerware set, a bowl and a bottle opener, and a lamp that looks like the Halo energy sword. Unlike the Xbox Series S-style toaster, however, some of the other products are just boringly printed with the Xbox logo.

Only time and a possible official announcement from Microsoft will tell whether the pictures are real and what is really going on with the alleged products. Anyone who already has an Xbox Series S including a Game Pass subscription has been able to do so for a few days while waiting Enjoy new Soulslike Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and our review of the game read.