Xbox Series S Toaster is real and you can already pre-order it under one condition

There's now an Xbox Series S toaster.  Yes, really.

There’s now an Xbox Series S toaster. Yes, really.

Do you remember the Xbox Series X fridge? What was just a meme on the internet for a long time actually came onto the market as a real product at the end of 2021. But if you were thinking that this was all in the Xbox-style home appliances category, then we have to disappoint you.

Because the latest craze in every gaming kitchen is likely to be a toaster in the shape of an Xbox Series S. Exactly one such has now appeared at a French manufacturer who has apparently grabbed the appropriate license and on his pre-order page already advertises the most important functions of the device.

For example, the Xbox Series S toaster features:

  • an automatic centering function for the toast slices
  • removable crumb tray
  • 3 toaster modes
  • 6 browning levels
  • anti-slip feet

The features of the toaster at a glance.

The features of the toaster at a glance.

Small drop of bitterness: Only one slice of toast can be browned, most competing products offer a slot for two slices.

If you’ve just stumbled across the word “pre-order”: Yes, you can pre-order the toaster on the corresponding page for 60 euros or have it reserved for you, but there is one condition that almost all of us have Pre-order should rule out.

Pre-orders not possible for everyone

Because, as can be read on the page, pre-orders “for logistical reasons” are reserved exclusively for people who live in France or Belgium. In addition, interest in other Xbox products is also tapped, including lamps or storage boxes.

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Bad prospects for everyone who wants to sizzle their toasts in the morning in a Series S in the future. Of course, if the toaster is successful, it cannot be ruled out that the device will also be available for purchase in this country at some point.

The Xbox Series S, a smaller and slimmed-down version of the Xbox Series X, was rumored for a long time before it was officially announced in September 2020. The compact device is still the cheapest entry into the Current Gen, even if a few compromises have to be made. You can find out exactly what these are in our big Xbox Series S test.

Would you put such a toaster in the kitchen?