Xiaomi: Company introduces “superior” solid-state battery technology

Xiaomi: Company introduces "superior" solid-state battery technology

from Rhonda Bachman
The Chinese electronics group Xiaomi recently presented a new solid-state battery technology. This is described by the company as “revolutionary” and “superior”. The battery should be more resilient, have a higher nominal charge and work better at low temperatures.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is currently testing solid-state batteries in smartphones. The company has now equipped a modified Xiaomi 13 with such a battery in the laboratory, which has a capacity of 6,000 mAh. The battery should not only be more powerful, but also safer and work better in cold environments.

New battery should lead to more choice of battery materials

Xiaomi’s tests with the solid-state battery are said to have revealed three milestones. The battery is said to have achieved 1,000 watt-hours per liter, a 20 percent improvement in low-temperature discharge performance and a significant increase in the pass rate in pin-prick tests. In the battery, the conventional liquid electrolyte has been replaced by solid electrolyte.

A major advantage of solid-state batteries is said to be their improved performance at low temperatures. The conventional liquid electrolyte has a high viscosity at low temperatures, which hinders the transport of lithium ions. This will severely affect battery performance. With the solid material of the solid-state battery, however, the conductivity of the lithium should be retained even at low temperatures. In the Xiaomi tests, the solid-state battery is said to have shown a performance increase of more than 20 percent at minus 20 degrees Celsius compared to conventional batteries.

In addition, the new technology should also be more resistant to damage. Xiaomi uses a positive electrode coating in its technology. This is to enclose the positive current collector liquid and separate it from the negative electrode. This also prevents contact in the event of a puncture, which should also lead to increased safety in the event of damage.

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