Resident Evil 4 demo released for PS4/PS5, Xbox and PC and you can play it

Leon shouldn't just aim for the head of his enemies in Resident Evil 4.

You can play the remake of Resident Evil 4 before the release thanks to a demo.

Just over two weeks ago, Capcom had one during State of Play free demo announced for the remake of Resident Evil 4. So far it is unclear when it will appear. Now we have clarity and can tell you that Leon is now going back to the horror classic across platforms.

Everything you need to know about the demo at a glance:

  • Start time: March 10, starting now
  • End: March 24th
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC via Steam
  • Time limit: unlimited

Contents of the Chainsaw demo for Resident Evil 4

Unlike what we are used to from demo versions of Resident Evil, there is the so-called Chainsaw demo for Resident Evil 4 remake no time limit. So you can play the section as often and for as long as you want.

It starts all over again: The content of the demo is limited to the beginning of Resident Evil 4. In search of Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, Leon ends up in the Spanish village of Pueblo.

Meanwhile, you can watch the new trailer for Resident Evil 4 here:

Resident Evil 4 trailer shows fresh gameplay.


Resident Evil 4 trailer shows fresh gameplay.

The name of the demo is of course immediately familiar to Resi 4 fans [Achtung, Spoiler] Early in the game, one of your first enemies is a hooded local who attacks Leon with a chainsaw.

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Resident Evil movie coming out this summer

Capcom’s Spotlight event also marked the release of the new animated Resi film, named Resident Evil: Death Island announced that in Summer 2023 appears.

Resident Evil 4 remake preview

Colleague and Resident Evil 4 fan Chris was able to play an approx. 30-minute PS5 demo in October 2022 and wrote down all his thoughts on the remake in a very extensive preview article, from the comparison to the original to the technical implementation are sufficient.

Will you play the demo beforehand or will you jump straight into the remake when it’s released?