Sons of The Forest Update on Steam: This is in Patch 1

Sons of the Forest: Island Survival is off to a great start on Steam

from Andrew Link
Endnight Games has released the first update for Sons of The Forest on Steam. The 1.6 GB patch 1 shows numerous changes and improvements in the changelog, but also new items and a small mini-boss fight.

As promised, the first real patch for Sons of The Forest is here. The update is 1.6 GB in size and can be downloaded from Steam. In terms of content, there are a few new items and a mini-boss fight. There are also a few features, numerous balance adjustments and a whole series of bug fixes and improvements that affect the building system, among other things.

It should be mentioned at this point that the Sons of The Forest patch 1 changelog may contain spoilers. Especially with the items and the bug fixes. So be warned at this point if you prefer to be surprised.

There is no new weapon, but there are binoculars and a glider, which is used as a means of transport on the island. But many will be happy about the simple things – like Kelvin no longer cutting down trees that have a tree house. Speedrunners are now also having difficulties because glitches through doors should no longer be possible. The entire changelog can be found on the second page.

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