Awesome competition: “Master Key” secures Frostpunk 2 and Co. for free!

New game from Frostpunk developer revealed at Summer Game Fest (1)

The team of 11 bit studios celebrates the launch of the Grand Collection on Steam. The package includes all games, DLCs and extras that the publisher has released in recent years. Highlights like Frostpunk, This War of Mine or Children of Morta – including all extensions – belong to the bundle. Interested players shouldn’t waste too much time. The gigantic Grand Collection is only available until March 23, 2023 available. And neat save you can currently too.

Mega discount on Grand Collection

The package is currently on Steam 91% to have cheaper. So instead of 273.73 euros only have to 24.78 euros be paid. If you already own a few games from the bundle, the price will be adjusted accordingly. For a list of all 11 Bit Studios Grand Collection content, visit the product page. Digital soundtracks for individual titles are also part of the collection. However, the publisher and developer from Poland has other campaigns planned for the next few days.