But no GTA 6: 50 cents probably involved in the Vice City TV series

But no GTA 6: 50 cents probably involved in the Vice City TV series

from Claus Ludewig
Deadline magazine claims Paramount Pictures is working on a new TV series called Vice City. Rapper 50 Cent is involved, but it should have nothing to do with GTA 6.

At the beginning of March, the rapper 50 Cent caused a stir with a post on Instagram. The Grammy winner shared an image that read Vice City in a signature GTA series look. In the published post, 50 Cent writes that he will explain later. “I’ll explain later, this shit is bigger than power, trust me,” Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson said on March 1. Here, Power appears to be a nod to the TV show of the same name that 50 Cent endorses. On March 4th, the musician and actor then deleted the post without further explanation. Now there should be a statement from Paramount Television Studios, as reported by Deadline magazine. This has nothing to do with GTA 6.

TV series Vice City has no connection to GTA: Vice City

That’s how it works at the moment Paramount Pictures on a new TV series project titled Vice City. Here, the film studio works together with the rapper 50 Cent. While the upcoming TV series takes inspiration from the Rockstar Games franchise, there’s no direct connection. The TV series will follow three ex-soldier friends who return to Miami in the mid-1980s after dishonorably leaving the military. With no good job prospects and falling out of favor, the three friends join forces with a Colombian immigrant and start a gang of thieves. The goal is to make the American dream come true.

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It is still unclear when the TV series Vice City will be broadcast. According to the latest rumors, the Rockstar Games developer studio is working on a new version of the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. With RAGE 9, the water display in particular should become more realistic. The new engine could probably power GTA 6, but there is still no official announcement and a release date for this either.

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Collection for the possible TV series Vice City:

  • Earlier this month, rapper 50 Cent caused rumors when he posted a GTA series-themed image on Instagram that read Vice City. A short time later, the musician deleted the entry.
  • Now the rumor mill wants to know that Paramount Television Studios is working with 50 Cent on a new TV series project titled Vice City.
  • The TV series should not have a direct connection to the video game GTA Vice City

Source: deadline