Call of Duty: Mobile will cease to exist with the launch of Warzone Mobile

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It seems that Call of Duty: Mobile will no longer exist in the near future. Call of Duty is an absolute entertainment juggernaut and has been nearly unstoppable for the past two decades.

The latest entry proved that it still has juice, even after a few years of rockier titles, by breaking tons of sales records and raking in billions of dollars.

The series has even expanded beyond a console game year with multiple free offerings like Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile, making us feel like we’re living the real Call of Duty experience on phone or tablet. It is quite amazing and has been a great success, but it may come to an end in the near future.

According to new court documents from Microsoft as part of all the legal drama surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, it has been revealed that Call of Duty: Mobile could be on the brink of demise. As CharlieIntel discovered, Activision plans to “phas out” Call of Duty: Mobile once Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile officially launches. However, it is not clear exactly what this means. Activision hasn’t officially announced this, but given where these documents are sent to and Microsoft’s close business ties to Activision, this is almost certainly accurate information.

Whether this means Call of Duty: Mobile will simply merge with Warzone Mobile remains to be seen, but it could also mean Activision is doubling down on its free-to-play battle royale game.

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Call of Duty fans have noticed that the core multiplayer experience has been somewhat neglected compared to Warzone in recent years. This isn’t exactly a surprise, as the free game has been an absurd success. Activision is going to want to go the way of money, but this would definitely be the first time it has come directly at the cost of a core Call of Duty experience.