Competition: Real Mario Kart – dust off the cool Nintendo Carrera!

This game for the Switch uses your toilet paper roll as a controller (1)

Mario Kart! The small indie game by the unknown mini-developer Nintendo has always delighted the small but loyal fan base that – okay, we can’t take it anymore. Mario Kart has been one of the most important brands in the gaming industry by far, not just since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch and the more than 40 million (!) copies that have been sold. Accordingly, there are also all kinds of products apart from the classic Mario Kart racing games.

The mobile spin-off Mario Kart Tour has become an integral part of numerous smartphones (despite an irritating financing model). And did you know that you can also play Mario Kart with real karts? No? Then why not check out Mario Kart Live, a game for the Nintendo Switch where you race around the living room in real mini-karts and capture the surroundings with a built-in camera! It’s not 100 percent mature, but it’s really fun.

Contest: Mario Kart Carrera!

But that’s not the only way to bring Mario Kart into the real world. The cooperation between Nintendo and Carrera has been around for a lot longer – and also free of technical defects – which also brings us to our competition.

In keeping with Mario Day, during which the final trailer for the Super Mario Bros movie was released, we are giving away a Carrera RC Mario Kart Pipe Kart worth a good 100 euros, namely the one on which the plumber himself has planted his chubby plastic bottom in the racing chair! We quote from the official item description:

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“Thanks to the original Nintendo license, the lovingly designed heroes look just like their digital role models. At speeds of up to 9 km/h, Mario and Yoshi and up to 14 other drivers show who deserves a place on the podium. The hot races go on up to 30 minutes before the included 3.2 V 320 mAh LiFePo4 battery needs to be charged for 50 minutes via the included USB cable, […]

A real eye-catcher are the glowing headlights, which give Mario and Yoshi perfect visibility even when racing at night. In addition, the two lean dynamically in the direction of travel. Thanks to the interference-free 2.4 GHz radio technology, up to 16 drivers can start the local mushroom cup at the same time.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Final Trailer sets the mood for cinema release

Mario Kart x Carrera: How to enter the competition

What do you have to do to win? Save the princess! No, not at all. It is enough if you simply answer the following question correctly:

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Who Voices Bowser in the Super Mario Bros Movie?

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Conditions of Participation

The competition ends on Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. You need a valid email address to participate, which we will use to contact you if you win.