Dandadan: Crunchyroll finally releases volume 1+2 of the hit manga!

Dandadan Manga-Hit Crunchyroll

With Dandadan was able to ______ oneself Crunchy roll after “Blue Lock” and “Choujin X” another manga hit Secure, which impressed with impressive figures shortly after its premiere. now are Volume 1 and 2 of the series is finally available in stores from us.

Dandadan was very well received by readers

In the center of supernatural action romcom stand the tough momo and her boyfriend ken. While she is on ghostsbut not the existence of aliens thinks it’s the exact opposite for him. To clear up any doubts the other person may have, they embark on an adventurous how crazy journey through occult worlds – Action, humor and romance included!

“Dandadan” thus has a quite idiosyncratic genre mix consisting of wacky fights, a lot of comedy, which is sometimes quite rough, and some surprisingly empathetic moments. A mix that is already in Japan million readers could be captivated.

The hit manga debuted in Shueisha’s online magazine on April 6, 2021 Shōnen Jump+in which other well-known series such as Astra Lost in Space or Spy x Family celebrated their premiere. The title already had in July 2021 over 22 million views can generate on the platform.

In addition, physical sales are also doing more than impressively. That of mangaka Yukinobu Tatsu created work counts currently 96 chapters and nine anthologies (up to chapter 76), of which so far about 2.55 million copies are in circulation. Incidentally, before his own hit series, Tatsu worked as an assistant on, among other things Manga high-flyer Chainsaw Man with.

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Crunchyroll has Volumes 1 and 2 of “Dandadan” on March 9, 2023 published commercially. You can choose between the two manga individually or together buy as a starter set. Alternatively, they are also as eBook available.