Dark and Darker: Sales alone are not sufficient for financing

Dark and Darker: Sales alone are not sufficient for financing

from Tim Rantzau
One of the developers of Dark and Darker talks about funding the project in a Q&A on Discord. Ironmace is unable to fund the game through sales alone. Therefore, models such as a Battle Pass or the sale of skins will probably be necessary. Pay-to-win strategies were clearly rejected.

Indie developer Ironmace’s first-person dungeon crawler Dark and Darker was a hit with users at Steam Next Fest in early February. In the meantime, the title even made it into the top ten of the most played games on the platform with over 100,000 simultaneous players. In a recent Q&A held on Discord with one of the developers, SDF, it was revealed that Ironmace will not be able to fund Dark and Darker from selling the game alone. According to the developer, it is still unclear exactly how the financing will look like.

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In response to another query from a Discord user, SDF said: “We cannot cover the costs of running the servers, which means further monetization will be necessary at some point, but Ironmace are confident there is no pay to Win will give”. However, models such as a Battle Pass or the sale of skins and other cosmetics are certainly conceivable. Dark and Darker mainly contains elements of a classic dungeon crawler.

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There are six different classes available to players, each with their own attributes and abilities. In this way, different playing styles such as close combat, long-distance combat or even sneaking can be implemented. The dungeon itself contains countless monsters or creatures, weapons, equipment and treasures. Found items can be sold to vendors outside the dungeon. Dark and Darker players can master the dungeons alone or in teams of up to three players. Teammates can be healed or revived by other players if needed. All groups within the dungeon can also fight or ally in battle royale style.

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