Destiny 2: criticism of the Lightfall campaign is received, Bungie promises clarity

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from Susan Brown
Destiny 2: Lightfall’s main campaign can be completed in a few hours and leaves most Guardians with a lot of question marks. That’s why there has been a lot of criticism of the MMO shooter expansion in the past few days. The folks at Bungie are promising clarity in Season of the Deep – plus a new strand aspect for each class.

The expectations of the players of the MMO shooter were high in the run-up to the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall. The penultimate chapter of the saga of light and darkness slowly heralds the finale “The Final Form”, but raises far more questions in the campaign than it answers. Accordingly, Destiny 2 players were disappointed and give the Lightfall campaign a less than satisfactory verdict. Some players find Lightfall to be Destiny 2’s weakest expansion to date.

The developers at Bungie have also heard this feedback and are reacting in the TWAB of March 9, 2023 on it. “While we’re only a week into Season of the Resistance and we don’t always reveal details about future storylines that far in advance, we feel it’s important to give everyone a preview of a specific quest we’re going to be launching in the Season will bring to Neomuna in the deep, as well as the rewards she will offer,” reads the TWAB.

We’ll learn more about the Veil!

Players have heard of the Shroud (aka Veil) a number of times, which has now come into focus with the Lightfall campaign. Most notably, the Veil emits a strange energy that confuses players. At the same time, it seems like everyone in the solar system knows, but we don’t. So the question is still: what is the veil? All players will find out about this as part of a new quest, regardless of the season content. The Bungie developers:

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“During this quest, players will explore the city to learn more about the nature of the Veil through Osiris’ research and newly uncovered data from the Ishtar Collective. This brief history will be available to all Lightfall owners and independent of the events in of the Season of the Deep. As a reward for completing the final step, players will gain access to three new strand aspects (one per class) that will add even more depth and creativity to their builds.”