Destiny 2 disables 8 items to start new Lightfall raid “Root of Nightmares”


The new DLC “Lightfall” has brought a lot of bugs to Destiny 2, not all of which have been fixed yet. However, in order for today’s start of the raid contest for the “Root of Nightmares” raid competition to remain fair, Bungie has to disable several bugged weapons and items. MeinMMO tells you exactly what you have to do without so that you can plan ahead.

What has Bungie announced for the raid? Tonight at 18:00 the new Lightfall Raid “Root of Nightmares” in Destiny 2 starts with the big World First race. In the first 48 hours after the start of the new raid, it will then be active in so-called competition mode. Players from all over the world will then again fight an exciting title race for a winner’s belt.

  • The World First Raid race starts today, March 10th at 6:00 p.m. and the contest mode ends 48 hours later, on March 12th at 6:00 p.m.
  • Interested players must have a power level of 1,780 in order to be at the limit in all encounters during the contest mode.
  • So that it doesn’t get too easy, all participating players are also automatically scaled to 20 power levels under each raid encounter for the full 48 hours.
  • The first Fireteam to complete the raid, loot the last chest, and return to orbit will be crowned the winner of the World First race once Bungie has verified the clear.
  • Players who don’t want to play themselves but prefer to watch can secure Twitch Drops in the form of emblems, like Bungie on its website informed.

However, alongside the general information, Bungie has also announced a number of items that will be disabled for the first 48 hours after the raid’s release.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Trailer “Root of Nightmares” Raid Race for World First

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All blocked weapons in the overview

Many teams plan their loadout and ability builds for the raid very carefully. But since Bungie has now deactivated several items for the raid start, you may have to reconsider this choice, because in addition to weapons, exotics and armor mods, a strand fragment is also blocked.

MeinMMO lists the affected items here and tells you why you are not allowed to use them during the contest mode.

Grand Overture – Exotic Machine Gun

The Great Overture Exotic Machine Gun came with The Witch Queen DLC

This is why the weapon was blocked: Exotic Machine Gun Catalyst Grand Overture caused enemies to be permanently blinded.

In addition, due to the bug, the blinding effect was also transferred to other explosive weapons when you switched weapons (via CheeseForever – YouTube).

Lion’s Roar – Exotic Grenade Launcher

destiny 2 lion roar
This grenade launcher called “Lion’s Roar” is also not allowed in the new Lightfall raid

This is why the weapon was blocked: The small grenade launcher “Lion’s Roar” dealt astronomical damage with its explosions to enemies with a red bar. This would also jeopardize fairness and must remain in the safe.

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Winter’s Bite – Exotic Glaive in the Heavy slot

The first heavy glaive “Winter’s Bite” that came into play with Lightfall is also out

This is why the weapon was blocked: The first heavy glaive also caused heavy damage. Bungie had to disable it again as soon as it was in the game, because all the bosses and enemies it hit quickly died out. She will only get to know the raid later and will remain deactivated until further notice.

Destiny 2 disables another Exotic in Lightfall – Here are the reasons

Jötunn – Exotic Fusion Rifle

Jötunn is still disabled

This is why the weapon was blocked: Even with the noob weapon Jötunn you could secure an unfair advantage in the world-first race for the first raid clear of “Root of Nightmares”. So it remains blocked – now also during the raid contest in PvE.

The culprit is the bug that caused you to generate more ammo than intended when using the weapon in combination with the “Solar Looter” mod.

  • Normally, the “Solar Scavenger” mod grants 2x special ammo instead of 1x when picking up ammo used by the weapon in question.
  • With the bug with the Jötunn, however, 10x special ammunition is said to have been generated and you could shoot around endlessly – even in PvP.
noob weapon? The jötunn is referred to by many Guardians as a noob weapon, which is mainly due to the PvP. Many a player is of the opinion that you don’t need any skill for kills with the weapon and that even the last noob, i.e. a newcomer, can get guaranteed kills with the weapon.

The weapon’s projectiles track and are deadly on a direct hit. You can take out an unwary enemy with just one shot in the Crucible without having to aim very precisely.

Hierarchy of Claims – Exotic Bow

The dungeon exo bow was doing too much damage through its guide ring

This is why the weapon was blocked: The Exotic Bow with Guide Ring has a damage bug that hasn’t been fixed yet. Not too bad in normal PvE, but its unwanted property would also endanger the raid race.

  • When firing at targets at a certain distance through the guide ring, the Exo-Bow apparently did double damage.
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These items are also disabled

In addition to weapons, Bungie has also disabled some armor, as well as mods and strand abilities.

  • “Citan’s Bulwark” – Exotic armguard for the Titan
    • The Exo allowed players and their allies to fire through the Towering Barricade. The Exo was recently nerfed in Hotfix Unfortunately, why it had to be deactivated for the World First Run is still unknown.
The Titan Exo “Citans Bollwerk” is the only locked armor exotic for Day One Raid 2023
  • Thread of Ascension” – Strand Fragment
    • Normally, activating the Grenade ability should reload equipped weapons and grant bonus airborne effectiveness and handling for a short time. However, due to a bug, this fragment could also be used to automatically reload weapons without a time delay.
    • Bungie also announced here that this option would be deactivated in the entire game – not just in Raid competitive mode.
  • Empowered End – Armor Finisher Mod
    • The mod grants players armor charge on finishers if they don’t have one. But it could also generate infinite special ammo if players used it in a certain way.

When will the items be activated again? So far, nothing is known about when Bungie plans to reactivate the items.

Normally, most should be back in game after the 48 hours when the competition modifier is removed from the raid. Guardians who only want to discover the new raid “Root of Nightmares” on the difficulty level after the contest will probably be able to use it again.

Have the lockdowns upset your plans to launch the raid? Tell us in the comments. Even if you are even part of the day-one raid or prefer to enjoy everything remotely on Twitch and YouTube.

If you still need weapon tips for the raid, here is a list of items that have not yet been locked for the raid:

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