Destiny 2: Watch the World First Race, dust off emblems!


from Susan Brown
Today, March 10, 2023, the Root of Nightmares lightfall raid starts, and even if you don’t want to jump into the new Destiny 2 World First Race, you still have a chance to win something! If you watch the race for the first boss kill via Twitch, there are two emblems to be dusted off via Twitch Drops. We have the information for you.

The raid opens tonight, March 10, 2023 at 6:00 p.m Root of the nightmares of the MMO shooter Destiny 2: Lightfall his portal and that means there’s again a large crowd of Guardians vying for the boss’s first kill. You can of course take a look at it via Twitch or Twitch Rivals – and if you do that, you can even get two emblems as a Twitch Drop.

But for those who are more interested in the rules that apply to the World First Race in Root of Nightmares, we’ll help you get started. After that, there are all the details about the emblems via Twitch. Here you can see them!

The Dim Italics Emblem
Source: Bungie

The Particle Acceleration Emblem

The Particle Acceleration Emblem
Source: Bungie

Rules for the World First Race in Root of Nightmares

The raid will start in challenge mode on March 10, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. and will then be available in this mode for 48 hours until March 12, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. This challenge mode means that all players in the raid will be capped at 1780 power level – so you “only” need to be power level 1780 to have your maximum power. However, this also means that all players will be 20 power levels below that of the bosses; otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge mode. The artifact level also only counts up to power level 1780. While the challenge mode is active, you do not collect any progress for weapon crafting or bounties in the raid. The following items are disabled in the raid:

  • The exotic machine gun Grand Ouverture
  • The exotic grenade launcher Fighting Lion
  • The Exotic Glaive Winter’s Bite
  • The exotic fusion rifle Jötunn
  • The exotic arc Hierarchy of Needs
  • The exotic titan gloves Citan’s Ramparts
  • The Thread of Ascent strand fragment (is disabled throughout the game)
  • The Reinforced Finisher armor mod
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