Epic Games Store: Steam competitor is planning more exclusive game releases

Epic Games Store (Sonstiges) von Epic Games

EpicGames Steam wants to continue to compete and tries to wrest a few market shares from the platform top dog with exclusive game releases.

The idea of ​​temporary exclusivity in the Epic Games Store seemed to have caught on in the past, with titles like Division 2, Metro Exodus or Borderlands 3 already raised big guns that were only available on the in-house gaming platform for a limited time. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has now revealed that the strategy will continue in the future.

Epic Games Store: “Handful of great exclusives really moved the needle”

Sweeney noted in the same breath that the efforts to publish games exclusively through the Epic Games Store would have paid off, especially for larger titles. “We’re refining our strategy based on what has and hasn’t worked really well in previous launches,” Sweeney told PC Gamer. “A handful of big exclusives really moved the needle… and for smaller games, particularly games that had smaller audiences that were typically on Steam, we found that many of those players weren’t willing to make the switch over.” he continues.

According to Vice President and General Manager Steve Allison, the launch of Borderlands 3 as a time-limited exclusive title from the Epic Games Store was particularly worthwhile. The title more than exceeded expectations, although he was unable to give any concrete figures.

However, there is solid information regarding future exclusive titles that will only be available in the Epic Games Store for “a long time”. Above all, titles that Epic has co-financed do not want to be brought to other platforms so quickly. Namely these are among others Alan Wake 2the new titles from the house of the limbo-developer Playdead, as well as those of The Last Guardian– Studios genDesign. More are to follow, for example the new titles of the Fall Guys-Makers of Mediatonic who are already part of Epic or the PC building simulator 2.

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Not necessarily exclusive deals necessary

Incidentally, Allison also explained that it was not absolutely necessary to convince some publishers to release it on the Epic Games Store with the help of an exclusive deal. For example, Rockstar Games released the blockbuster Red Dead Redemption 2 weeks before its Steam release on the Epic store. The reason for this is that the developers are promised a higher percentage of the revenue than is the case with Steam.

The publisher also shared some exciting new stats from the Epic Games Store, showing that it will have over 230 million users on PC and around 725 million cross-platform accounts in 2022. In December 2022, there were an impressive 68 million monthly active users.

2022 was another great year of growth for the Epic Games Store, and we’re excited for what’s coming next here in 2023!

Thank you for being a part of our expanding community of developers, publishers, players & creators.

Check out our 2022 Year in Review: https://t.co/GCHmwb98z2 pic.twitter.com/Mj83oUCSqr

— Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) March 9, 2023/

In total, customers who were willing to pay left around 820 million US dollars in the Epic Games Store in the past calendar year. Although this is a decrease of around two percent compared to the previous year, spending on third-party PC games increased by 18 percent to a total of 355 million US dollars.

Among the top titles, unsurprisingly, there were strong representatives such as Genshin Impact, rocket league or Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Rockstar perennial favorites GTA 5 as well as Epic’s in-house hobby horse Fortnite were also listed. The Free games apply every week (and this one too) on the Epic Games Store to be found.

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