Exoprimal: All information about the open beta and Game Pass release of the dinosaur shooter

Exoprimal has both a beta and a release date.

Exoprimal has both a beta and a release date.

After the official announcement and a few trailers from Exoprimal, the dinosaur shooter was pretty quiet recently. Now Capcom has finally announced some new information as part of a showcase.

Probably the most important information: Exoprimal has an official release date and will be out in the summer.

  • Release date of Exoprimal: July 14, 2023
  • Systems: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One PC

Everyone with a Game Pass subscription can look forward to: Exoprimal will also come to the Microsoft game service right after the launch.

Those who decide to pre-order the title will receive three special skins for the game, and those who pre-order the optional Deluxe Edition will also receive a “Premium Track” for Exoprimal’s first Season Pass.

Open beta starts in March

Maybe you’re not even sure if you like Exoprimal at all. There will be a good opportunity to check this out soon. Because Capcom is hosting an open beta where you can try the title.

  • Start of the beta: March 17, 2:00 a.m. German time
  • End of beta: March 19, 11:59 p.m. German time

Pre-condition: you need one Capcom IDto be able to play the beta.

This content is in beta

Overall, you can try various modes, missions and maps of the game and get a rough overview of how Exoprimal works.

  • Modes (3): Dino Survival Tutorial Training
  • Exosuits (10): Deadeye, Zephyr, Barrage, Vigilant, Roadblock, Warrior, Murasame, Witchdoctor, Skywave, Nimbus
  • Rigs (6): Cannon, Aid, Catapult, Blade, Shield, Drill Fist
  • Fields (3): Downtown, airport, ruins
  • Missions (7): Dinosaur Cull, Area Control, VTOL Defense, Escort, Data Key Security, Energy Taker, Omega Charge
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Source: Capcom

You can watch a trailer for Exoprimal here:

Exoprimal - The shooter shows us which dinosaurs we are dealing with


Exoprimal – The shooter shows us which dinosaurs we are dealing with

What is Exoprimal anyway?

In Exoprimal, you’ll have to deal with dinosaurs in exosuits in the year 2043, which fall out of vortices into the modern world. When it comes to gameplay, action is clearly in the foreground, but there are also various tactical elements. For example, it is important that the teams of five exofighters strategically coordinate their choice of exosuits, as they have unique abilities and weapons.

However, the goal is not necessarily the destruction of the dinosaurs, but the fulfillment of goals on the different maps, so the human teams also compete with each other. We’ll find out how the whole thing plays out in June at the latest, when the title appears for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles and for the PC.

Will you try the Exoprimal beta?