Fans of HBO’s The Last Of Us complain about the great lack of infected in the series

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The Last of Us of HBO It’s almost in its final chapters of the first season, and it has really lived up to the hype. The last episode broadcast was undoubtedly one of the strongest of the season, there is no doubt that Bella Ramsey deserves an Emmy for her incredible performance. Also, viewers enjoyed seeing Troy Baker, who plays Joel in Part I and Part II, play James. Not to mention Pedro Pascal’s interpretation, which is simply masterful.

However, as good as this week’s episode was, fans don’t have a complaint. Some viewers believe that HBO’s The Last of Us doesn’t feature enough scenes with the infected. Reddit user, satanaepueri, wrote: “I’m really disappointed because I have one episode to go and have hardly experienced any of the infected.”

Many supported the show, saying the number of infected was suited to the television format. The user 28secondslater he responded, “People who can’t handle this part of the criticism don’t realize that in nine episodes, ‘zombies’ barely have a presence in less than half of them.”

Bruninfa He added: “I feel like they are missing in a couple of places. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s ridiculously sporadic.” Some users have suggested that it might have been nice if Joel and Ellie had heard distant clicker chirps, or seen mushrooms and said something along the lines of “Let’s avoid this,” just to remind viewers that this is a more pervasive threat than the show sometimes. let pass.

It is true that the infected have only appeared sporadically. We had runners in episode one, clickers and runners in episode two, the horde in episode five, and the unique runner in episode seven. I think the sparing use of the infected in the show helps to emphasize the immense danger they pose: they’re not just cannon fodder.

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However, these people are living that hell, precisely because of the infected. It’s a shame they have so little prominence in the series. Let’s hope that if there is a second season, which is almost certain, they will have more presence.