Fortnite down: 24.00 update ahead of launch – here are gameplay trailers & map changes

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 20.40 - these are today's innovations

Fortnite is offline: Maintenance work is currently underway on the servers of the Battle Royale shooter – Chapter 4 Season 2 and Update 24.00 are pending. Shortly before the new content is released, Epic Games is preparing for the new season with a gameplay trailer. In the tweet below you will receive a first one Outlook on the innovations to be expected. The rumors circulating in advance have been confirmed: The new chapter puts you in a Japan with a sci-fi setting – colorful lights, lots of neon and anime allusions await you.

Gameplay trailer and map changes

The well-known leaker Hypex is already showing the first on Twitter Images of the map changeswith Update 24.00 and Chapter 4 Season 2 at Fortnite (buy now €18.23 ) queue. Also included: a view of the new “mega” city, based on traditional Japanese architecture – with temples and curved roofs. Of course, pink blossoming church trees should not be missing either. You can also see the new vehicles. There are futuristic-looking motorcycles that you can use to speed through the city.