Fortnite: Start of the “Mega” Season – Patch Notes for Update 24.00 are here

Fortnite down: 24.00 update ahead of launch - here are gameplay trailers &  Map changes

For Fortnite update 24.00 is available for download Ready: Season 2 from Chapter 4 goes live today. The patch appears within a downtime: The Battle Royale shooter went offline this morning for maintenance work. Meanwhile, Epic Games has the Patch Notes published and thus concrete information about the changes and innovations that are pending in the new season. The rumors that were spread in advance have been confirmed. In the new season, you’ll find yourself in Mega-City, a futuristic Japanese city.

You can make the new roads with the Motorcycle Victory Crown Rogue Unsafe: The vehicle offers space for two players and, with its enormous acceleration, ensures that you can quickly dash towards opponents. If you prefer to drive, get in the Nitro Drifter with four seats. Note: The off-road motorcycle, motorboat, vehicle modification “Chonker’s Off-Road Tires” and vehicle modification “Cowcatcher” will be removed and placed in the vault.