Free promotions on Steam: You can currently gamble these titles for free

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Play for free on Steam: Also this weekend can be found in the online store Steam some interesting actions instead involving her different games can download and try for free. There is a time limit on each one, but they always stand all content available. We’ll tell you which ones Free promotions are currently at the start.

Free games on Steam

One of the actions is all about Dungeon Defender: Awakened from the developer studio Chromatic Games. It is a Tower defense game with co-op mode for up to four participants. Your task is to defeat the enemy armies and to make as big booty as possible. suit you multiple character classes such as the Huntress or the Monk to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. You can also click eA variety of traps, blockages and other obstacles fall back to stop the enemy horde. The free campaign is running until March 13, 2023the full version of Dungeon Defender: Awakened currently costs 50 percent less.

On the other hand, if you click on one rather gloomy atmosphere stands, the development strategy game could Frostpunk be the right title for you. The action takes place in a winter landscape that is as desolate as it is pitiless instead of her the survival of your subjects have to secure. For this purpose you not only have to ration valuable resourcesbut also sometimes tough decisions meet. These have noticeable consequences for the further course of the game. Also the free action ends on March 13ththe discount is when you buy the full version at 80 percent.

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